The “Controversy” Behind Bernie Sanders’ Speech At The Women’s Convention
Alfonso KC

“What really matters to EMILY’s List, Neera Tanden, Joy Reid, and the rest of the corporatists in Democratic Party circles is that no real progressive headline or open any of their events. That’s what the controversy is about; not a man opening the Women’s Convention, but a progressive opening the Women’s Convention.”

No, that would actually be somewhat rational for their point of view. What matters to the Clinton personality-cult — and that’s who you’re describing — is that Sanders is opening it. He’s their #1 hate-figure; they despise him far more than they do Donald Trump. I’ve been sparring with them in various venues and they’re just obsessive loons who have been programmed to see Sanders as a sexist, misogynist, racist (which are insane things no reasonable, stable, intelligent and informed person would ever believe or even conceive) whose failure to recognize their Glorious Leader’s divine right to become president last year cost her the race (though Sanders wasn’t in the race by that point).

They love to make bold statements about how Democrats, women, people of color are profoundly outraged by Sanders and how those same groups will refuse to support the Women’s Convention or the Democratic party or any other entity that doesn’t shun Sanders entirely and for all eternity but the available polling data shows Sanders is wildly popular across all of those groups. Perhaps more to the point, Sanders is more popular than Clinton. He’s more popular among women than is Clinton (56% favorable vs. 46% for Clinton), more popular among African-Americans (73% vs. 67%), Hispanics (62% to 52%), the “other” race/ethnicity category (68% vs. 48%) and Democrats (78% vs. 77% — basically a tie). Among Democrats, those with a “strongly unfavorable” view of Sanders stand at 3%. These Clinton cultists are a margin-of-error faction who make a tremendous amount of noise but don’t speak for anyone.