So, I’ve read the article and the whole comments thread, and I’ve seen interesting points from both…
Joseph Andreano

Pay attention to that phenomenon you’ve identified there. What so many of the Clintonites are preaching — and the article to which we’re replying is an example of this — is a weaponized, faux-“identity politics,” virulent race-baiting and sexist-baiting that masquerades as the real thing. That lack of an substantive policy discussion is how to spot it and air it out; those throwing it around will either either entirely avoid such substantive discussion or try to replace it with a fantasy counterfeit of the real thing (“Bernie is anti-choice on abortion!”). The reason is very simple: if one deals with substantive policy, the charade falls apart. You get at something deeper than that too:

“But what I don’t understand is what actual positions the author wants the ‘brocialists’ to adopt, or for that matter what progressive policy positions the bernie-bros think the ‘identity politics’ types actually oppose.”

Sanders has been standing up for the rights of minorities (and women) for longer than most of the people reading us here today have been alive; while he’s being subjected to these race-baiting and sexist-baiting smears, there’s nothing he’s failing to do, nothing he could start doing on these issues to make him “better” on them that he hasn’t already been doing for decades. If you’re a liberal/progressive on these matters, Sanders is your ally. This divisive race-baiting/sexist baiting nonsense seeks to introduce a rift between people who are naturally allies. That’s insane.

Insane, that is, unless it has some political purpose. In this case, the purpose is to elect “neoliberal’ scum who give lip-service to liberal social issues but advance, in the name of their Big Money donors, incredibly destructive right-wing economic policies and a rightist warhawk foreign policy, things that have no real support in the Democratic base at all. In order to win a primary against a candidate who is far better on the race and gender issues than she is, Clinton and her followers had to sew these divisions. That vile narrative has taken on a life of its own.

The good news is that not many people appear to be buying it, or not anymore, at least. The big April Harvard/Harris survey shows that Sanders, who is incredibly popular with every demographic, is actually more popular with black folks — and Hispanics and Asian Americans — than with white folks, more popular with women than with men.