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Communism is a far-left movement that preaches national renewal by means of the destruction of the liberal society.

So right after I noted that you’d removed the substance of fascism in order to create a definition that would apply to any tyranny, you again removed the substance of fascism in order to present it as a mirror of Bolshevism.

Bolshevism is bad. Tyrannies are bad. There are different kinds of tyrannies though. There are very different movements that build those tyrannies. Insisting on throwing them all in the same basket and pretending as if they’re just all the same thing (beyond all being tyrannies) doesn’t advance understanding of them so much as an inch — it, in fact, precludes learning anything about them.

The suppression of anyone who might form any barrier to the authority of the orthodoxy is a promise made by all fascist regimes which is why both Nazis and Bolsheviks practised it.

No, that’s something done by all tyrannies; that’s why they’re tyrannies.

No it isn’t. Both Mussolini and Hitler practised socialism. Hitler even called himself a socialist.

This is a point where the profundity of your ignorance becomes particularly apparent. Fascist corporativism was explicitly anti-socialist, a means of organization dreamed up as a direct repudiation of the entire notion of class struggle — the central animating feature of socialism. Socialism calls for control of the means of production by those who work them. Crude statist socialism substitutes the state for the workers in that equation but whether that can even be called “socialism” at all, it at least provides a bare minimum in assessing the matter on the table: Not only did the fascists in Italy and Germany never nationalize a single company, they, in fact, privatized many previously state-held businesses, an innovation at the time. This was particularly true in Germany. Property was left entirely in private hands. The big capitalists weren’t sent to some Gulag; they were made fantastically wealthy by their alliance with the dictatorship. Your claim about fascists practicing socialism — you later falsely assert that “Hitler nationalised heavy industry” — is absurd and anti-historical; the sum total of the fascist policy toward socialism was that it imprisoned, murdered, exiled, crushed the socialists.

Here is what Hitler and Goebbels had to say -
“We are socialists. We are enemies of the capitalist economic system.”
Adolf Hitler:

That’s not a real Hitler quote. It doesn’t surprise me that you drag it out, if only in shortened form; it’s always dragged out in discussions with Goldbergists.

“As socialists we oppose the Jewish project because we see in the Hebrews the incarnation of the capitalist system and the misuse of a nation’s goods.”
Joseph Goebbels.

While I’m sure Goebbels, the chief Nazi propagandist, would be charmed that you’re quoting (somewhat imprecisely) his anti-Semitic propaganda from the ’20s, it hardly advances our understanding of the subject here today.