Merci pour vos commentaires.
James Angus

“English is not my second language and I think I speak and write it as least as well as you.”

So… you’re just dumb? You didn’t bother to read the article before replying to it? There are no explanations for your earlier fiction that are particularly flattering to you, I’m afraid.

“We disagree about Trump’s popularity and polling. Yours are manufactured nonsense.”

I haven’t offered any “opinion” on that matter that is subject to any disagreement; the polling is what it is. Those results have been replicated repeatedly. Your claims regarding it is just Trumpanzee-style science denial. “Fake news!”

“And to say that it is too low a bar to suggest Clinton would be a better a president than Trump does not take into account that that was the choice in the election.”

You’re complaining that I don’t gratuitously point out the fact that these were the two major-party candidates, something everyone reading these words already knows? Really? And this is supposed to be some knock against me?

“A majority of Americans thought Clinton should have been President.”

That isn’t true. A majority of American disliked Clinton, as I’ve already pointed out. What you meant to say was that a majority of those who turned up to vote thought Clinton should have been president but you’re wrong there too; Clinton only captured 48.2% of the vote — most Americans voted against her.

“In any event, you are rude, stupid and a waste of my time. Bonsoir.”

I’ll let readers decide who was wasting his time in this exchange (and who gave French speakers a bad name).