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The 1990s were a great decade for movies, mate. 1997 was the year of BOOGIE NIGHTS, CHASING AMY, THE SWEET HERAFTER, EYE OF GOD, CRITICAL CARE, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, LOST HIGHWAY, CUBE, IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, DECEIVER, NOWHERE, PRINCESS MONONOKE, AS GOOD AS IT GETS, STARSHIP TROOPERS, MR. NICE GUY, even ORGAZMO and, like every other year of that decade, probably a hundred more. THE 5th ELEMENT had that Tucker problem but it was otherwise a blast. Most of the stuff you list as disappointing was crap but you should never look to most upbudget Hollywood blockbuster flicks for quality cinema. No year of the ’90s deserves to go down as “the most disappointing year in movies.” I can only dream of having that much great stuff these days.

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