This is Exhibit A in why Democrats will continue to be a “smoking pile of rubble” at all levels …
Mona Holland

The party Establishment insisted on foisting on America a weak, loser candidate who — what a shock! — then lost. And it’s worth noting that anyone who paid more than minimal attention could have seen that coming a mile away. I was writing about the fact that Clinton was a weak loser back in 2015 and predicted her loss in a Clinton/Trump contest from at least early February (probably earlier, but I can confirm the Feb. date in my notes). Those of us who could see this coming weren’t gifted with any magical powers either; it was simply a matter of looking at the data. Clinton was going to lose, whereas every scrap of available data suggests Sanders would have rolled right over Trump in a one-sided rout. Clintonites didn’t care, rushed ahead and gave us Trump, for as long as he lasts.

Those of us who were right about the election will have to be forgiven for not being terribly impressed by the self-serving carping of those who were proven so entirely wrong.