Still Not A Bro, Still Not A Russian Agent, Still Glad Hillary Lost
Caitlin Johnstone

This is almost a great article but it gets a noteworthy detail wrong (Rachel Maddow actually did tell viewers about the no-fly thing and even grilled Clinton about it directly when the candidate appeared on her show) and near the end, it goes off the deep end of the same crazy it decries when it posits the notion that a potential Clinton administration should be judged based on some theoretical future nuclear conflict and this non-existent conflict placed on the scales when measuring a Clinton vs. a Trump administration. If we’re going to start talking theoreticals, Trump is a protofascist half-wit who knows nothing and whose response to anything he doesn’t like is to want to hit it. He’s far more likely to not only initiate conflicts around the globe but to handle them very badly and to see them escalate entirely out of control. Clinton was a vile candidate — a far worse one, in fact, than this article suggest, after one removes the fantasy material —but there’s simply no case for a Trump administration being better than a Clinton one (unless one wants to look at the likely effect on the U.S. political map).