Fuck Bernie Fucking Sanders
Val Perry

This kind of Clintonite sewage is like a hydra, an evil monster that sprouts new heads every time one of the old ones is lopped off. Its author doesn’t seem to have a single original thought on the subject and can only robotically parrot the same tired bullshit the Clintonites programmed into her during the campaign. “…most qualified candidate in U.S. history!… Russia lurking… egomaniacal sexist…” Sewage. A vile political fantasy of exactly the same character as that peddled by Republicans about Obama, Bill Clinton and every other prominent Democratic pol in the last few decades, including — in an irony the author of this piece would entirely miss — Hillary Clinton herself.

Since literally nothing in the article has any more than an incidental relationship to reality and neither the author nor anyone who would find any merit in it is in the least bit interested in the truth, there isn’t much point in a detailed rebuttal. I just did one of those on another bullshit piece like this one earlier today. I’ll do a few items and leave it at that.

— The “what’s he hiding?” nonsense regarding Sanders’ tax returns are uninformed demagoguery. As a member of congress, Sanders files financial disclosure reports every years, which contain, in broad strokes, the same information one would get from the actual returns and can be be read online from multiple sources. They’ve been available for years, including throughout the time the Clintonites were demagoguing that “issue.” Clinton and her minions were well aware of this; she had to file those same publicly available disclosure reports when she’d been in the Senate. It’s the law.

— Clinton didn’t win the popular vote by the “widest margin in U.S. history,” nor was it even close. She won the popular vote by 3% — if she’d taken the electoral college by the same vote, she would have finished in 38th place in those rankings.

— It’s absolutely true that Democratic voters are already to the left of the overwhelming majority of Democratic elected officials; that’s why Clinton, who is way to the right of most Democrats, tried to reinvent herself as Sanders Lite for the purposes of the 2016 campaign, then spent the entire primary denouncing Sanders’ proposals as too ambitious and peddling Diminished Expectations with defeatist rhetoric. Very inspiring. That’s why Sanders was able to do as well as he did; he represented the liberal wing of the party. I’ve covered this at length; it was his views that were so insanely popular. That’s why Clinton tried to ape them at every turn. Which brings me to this…

— “ Dems are not ‘divided.’ We don’t have an ‘identity crisis.’ What we have is an extremist fringe faction, just like the other side has.” Can’t seem to keep your narrative straight there; you type this shit, then a few lines later that shit about already being “already to the left of [Sanders].” He can be part of an extreme left faction or you can be to the left of him but these are mutually exclusive propositions. Like so much of the rest of what you’ve written, this is the sort of thing that happens when reason plays no part in your “thinking”; you become Rush Limbaugh and begin throwing out whatever intellectually empty emotional appeal suits the moment. As it stands, you’re talking about “kicking to the fucking curb” most of not only the Democratic party but most of the public as well.

— Sanders isn’t “irrelevant”; he’s actually fighting to make the world a better place. That fucker!

— You can’t post an article like this then pretend to be offended by efforts at “gaslighting.”

— There’s no meaningful popular vote-count in a primary/caucus process.

— Get a clue. If you have to buy one, spend the money. As it is, you’re a toxin in your party and in political discourse in general and have added to them absolutely nothing of any value here.