And So It Begins…Revitalizing The Hillary Clinton Attacks
Johnny V. Boykins

“The bulk of the Clinton What Happened hysteria is stemming from pre-released excepts of the book and media incited controversy.”

Those excerpts were released by Clinton, who, in utterly classic Clintonian fashion, released them through surrogates because she wanted us focused on her trashing Bernie Sanders without assuming any responsibility for our focusing on this. There’s no point in crying about “media incited controversy”; the result was exactly as was intended.

“One of the biggest excerpts coming out the What Happened is Clinton asserting the Senator Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. She is right in that assessment. As a card-carrying Democrat and most recent Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party she has every right to say that. One of the most significant reasons why I didn’t support Senator Sanders primary effort was because he only temporarily became a Democrat to seek the presidential nomination. Senator Sanders ran against the Democratic Party and he ran against the Barack Obama administration. In fact, Senator Sanders openly suggested that the former President should have been primaried. Hillary’s criticism of Senator Sanders and his most vitriolic supporters is warranted.

This long-running Clintonite effort to make Sanders an alien is, of course, a direct replication of the long campaign to do the same to Obama, playing on his name, playing on his younger days outside the U.S., suggesting he wasn’t born in the U.S. or was a Muslim. And it’s no surprise that Clinton and her followers would do that: they were the ones who launched that campaign against Obama too. As it stands, the constant carping about Sanders not being a Democrat is also comically out-of-touch with the contemporary political reality, where more than 40% of Democrats — as in, people who always vote Democratic — now identify as independents.

My question is, where is the lie here? How is this assessment an alternative fact?”

Every assertion Clinton made re: Sanders in those leaked transcripts is a barefaced lie. They’re picked apart practically line-by-line here:

…including the nonsense about “he’s not a Democrat.”