The “Mainstream” Media’s Trump-driven Existential Crisis
Austin Frank

Trump his a guy who, on a routine basis, says things like how there were “thousands and thousands” of American Muslims celebrating in the streets of Jersey City on 9/11, how there are 30–34 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. (three times the actual numbers), how 3–5 million illegal immigrants voted for his opponent and this is why he lost the popular vote, how the U.S. is the highest-taxed nation in the world, how the murder rate in the U.S. is the highest it has been in 44 years (it’s actually been declining for decades), how the Mexican government is involved in a conspiracy to ship rapists and criminals into the U.S., how his inauguration was watched by more people than any in history, how the suggestion that there’s any tension between himself and the intelligence community is a press-manufactured myth, only days after he’d compared that community to Nazi Germany, how Obama and Hillary Clinton were the founders of ISIS and how ISIS celebrates them, and yes, how there was some sort of terror attack in Sweden, which was his implication, despite that garbage Washington Examiner article you cited. Trump lies, even where there’s no apparent reason to do so, and then tells more lies to cover for the earlier ones. In his debates with Clinton, it got so bad that, on several occasions, he was down to denying having ever said things he had, in fact, said only minutes earlier. His hecubi Kellylanne Conway goes on television to openly proclaim the administration offers “alternative facts” —in layman’s parlance, falsehoods.

This is the shit this administration is excreting on a daily basis. Your rubbish about the alleged “liberalism” of journalists is completely irrelevant: how exactly is a serious journalist — or a serious person —of any political orientation supposed to treat a “president” who behaves like this?

There is a legal principle in slander suits that one can’t slander someone’s reputation if their reputation is already so bad it couldn’t possibly be rendered worse by the alleged slander, even if people believed it. The press has sometimes made mistakes in covering Trump. Not as many as you’re pretending here. Some mistakes are inevitable in their line of work and none of those are even in the same universe as the bullshit that pours forth from Trump on virtually a daily basis. And unlike those press errors, which ultimately don’t even matter, Trump’s routine, galactic-scale lies are used as the basis for policy, policy often aimed at hurting lots and lots of people.

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