Wow. As someone who supported Sanders and Clinton, I think the writer of this article is beyond…
(((Mollie Bly)))

“As someone who supported Sanders and Clinton, I think the writer of this article is beyond extremist — she’s diseased. Seriously, she needs mental help.”

Val Perry Rendel, the shit-sack who authored that article, is a rabid Clintonite whose recent body of work has been devoted almost entirely to slandering Sanders and his supporters. I dismantled a series of her unhinged diatribes and was blocked by her for my troubles. Her current cause:

“The Berniebro movement didn’t create his [the Portland killer’s] distorted and hateful ideology, but it sure provided a petri dish for it to thrive. If the correlation between alt-right white supremacy and the Charleston church shooter is very clear, these murders should be viewed no differently.”

Dylann Roof (the Charleston shooter) was a white supremacist who became a violent mass-murderer after exposure to the literature of the Council of Conservative Citizens, literature which depicts black folks, immigrants, Muslims, other minorities as subhuman animals — disease-carrying rapists and murderers — who are overrunning and destroying society and says consorting with them is rebelliousness against god.

Sounds just like Sanders supporters, eh?

“Sanders himself almost certainly did not imagine that his populism would spark an extremist fringe like this,” writes Rendel but, of course, the notion that Sanders populism has sparked an extremist fringe like that is sheer moonbattery. “[A] lot of his [Sanders’] message was coded (deliberately or otherwise) in a way that reinforced the deep-seated conviction that white working-class men are the nation’s top priority. And that message tapped into something that was apparently lurking just below the surface, ready to explode.” Get it, folks? Sanders call for working-class solidarity and a working-class politics is not only just code for white guys, it has touched off a bunch of nutters, including a killer.

The Portland killer in question is a violent white supremacist who was in the midst of a hate-speech tirade against a pair of Muslim women and attacked and killed others who had come to their defense. Just last month, he’d attended one of those right-wing “free speech” marches wearing an American flag, armed with a baseball bat and shouting racist epithets while giving the Nazi salute. He has posted violent rants against Antifa, against those looking to remove Confederate monuments, against liberals, against Jews, against Muslims, against abortion. From Corey Pein, who met and interviewed the man at that march:

“When he extended his hand, I noticed the Nordic rune tattoos on his forearm. On his Facebook page, amid rants against organized religion and memes poking fun at Jews sentenced to die in the Nazi concentration camps, were other posts revealing his crazed ‘Misanthropic Nihilist’ philosophy.

“Christian expressed support for ‘Sanders/Stein 2017’ — which some will certainly seize upon as a distraction. And it is a distraction, because the main current of Christian’s ravings, online and off, was race hatred. ‘I want a job in Norway cutting off the heads of people that Circumcize Babies,’ he wrote.”

Rendel is trying to turn this rabid alt-right crackpot, a fellow whose loudly-and-often-stated far-right views are utterly anathema to everything for which the Berniecrats stand, into a “Berniebro” and a “far-left extremist” whom Sanders “helped birth.” I’ll leave it to readers to decide how far down the rabbit hole — or up her own asshole — she had to go to reach that conclusion. Sanders “needs to take an active role in suppressing it,” she writes, but, of course, there being absolutely nothing Sanders has done to “birth” such creatures, there isn’t much he can do differently to “suppress” them. Join the killer’s archfoe Antifa, maybe? Stand on the corner with a ballbat?