I could go on with these Bernie focuses on white workers first links forever
Marcus H. Johnson

Yeah, just put in a Google search for any time the words “white working class” ever came out of his mouth, post the (very few) links that come up and don’t even bother to read them, much less with any understanding while smearing the fellow — treating “working class” and “white working class” as interchangeable like the worst of the hack pundits. Maybe you could go back to ripping them from their context as you did in your first go at this? Sanders makes a socialistic case for working class solidarity and a specifically working class politics, not a race-based one, and laments the fact that the working class is currently fragmented and has no one party representing it. He’s said the same things for years. Sanders from your first link (where the interviewer tries to go off on the race thing):

“Well, I am focusing on the fact that whether you’re white or black or Hispanic or Asian, if you are in the working class, you are struggling to keep your heads above water. You’re worried about your kids. What should the Democratic Party be talking about, Steve? What they should be talking about is a massive federal jobs program. There was once a time when our nation’s infrastructure — roads, bridges, water systems, rail — were the envy of the world. Today that’s no longer the case.

“I would say if you go out on the street and you talk to people and say, ‘Which is the party of the American working class?’ People would look to you like you were a little bit crazy, they wouldn’t know what you were talking about, and they certainly wouldn’t identify the Democrats.”

The interviewer mentions black support of the Democratic party:

“You should not be basing your politics based on your color. What you should be basing your politics on is, how is your family doing?”

Your second link is just a different article on exactly the same Sanders appearance as was the one you put up in your prior post and all three features Sanders doing post-mortems on elections that went bad for Democrats. You’re only two posts and three links into addressing this and you’re already out of material.

I’ll help you out: Here’s Sanders campaigning in Burlington, the full transcript of his speech.

Where’s the stuff in it about the white working class?

Here’s Sanders on the campaign trail in Los Angeles:

Where’s the stuff in it about the white working class?

Here’s the transcript of his speech to the Democratic convention last year:

His speech from when he entered the presidential race:

And on into infinity. All of these are searchable. Pull out that stuff where he’s doing that white working class thing that excludes those working class folks of color.