The Blind Hatred Of Hillary Clinton
Ahmed Baba

“Objectively speaking, Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America. This is not my opinion. Unlike some in the media, the numbers don’t lie.
Hillary Clinton has won the ‘Most Admired Woman’ Gallup poll for the last 15 years straight, adding up to a total of 21 times.”

Yes, the numbers don’t lie but liars can use numbers. When one looks at your link — something you clearly hoped no one would do — you learn that Clinton is named as the “most admired” by a whopping 12% of the public; 88% chose someone else. It’s noteworthy that after declaring “the numbers don’t lie,” you immediately pivot to the election results without looking at Clinton’s own poll numbers. On election day, 55% of the public held an unfavorable view of Clinton. Today, she is just as unpopular as Donald Trump; even after months of this awful administration, she would still lose the presidential election today.

No one is trying “to blame the 2016 election loss of Hillary Clinton solely on the Clinton campaign,” to strike down one of the many straw men here. The thing people dislike is Clinton’s abject unwillingness to assume any serious, substantial responsibility for what happened and her insistence on blaming anyone and everything, from Sanders to Russian conspirators to, repeatedly, the voters themselves (who, in her telling, were just too dumb to realize she was entitled to their votes).

Contrary to your premise, the hatred of Clinton by liberals/progressives isn’t even remotely “blind,” irrational or any of the rest. They hate her because they know exactly what she is: