A week with the Apple Watch

So I got myself an Apple Watch as an early Christmas gift. After about a week of wearing it every day, I feel like it’s something I will keep on my wrist because:

  • It’s really great for making quick replies in messaging apps I use often (Messages, Messenger, Viber and Slack). watchOS 3’s scribble feature has worked flawlessly so far that I’ve never felt the urge to bring out my phone just to type what I wanted to type.
  • It reminds me to stand up from time to time so I don’t just sit all day.
  • The Breathe app has been really great for de-stressing.

Apart from messaging, a couple of apps have earned a spot on my watch dock as I feel they’ve been designed for watchOS:

  • Fantastical — I get to see both upcoming events and reminders in one screen. It also allows creating new events or reminders although it only supports dictation for now. No scribble yet though (hopefully coming soon).
  • PCalc — Great for quick arithmetic. Also supports writing down equations using scribble.

After a month, I’ll try to write down if indeed the Apple Watch stays on my wrist.

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