Protecting Pets

This ad is about Nationwide insurance and how it can help people take care of their pets by staying insured. The ad states that it is the “Best. Pet insurance. Ever.”, and that statement is backed up by showing a very happy woman with her dog that seems perfectly happy. This ad does a good job at showing what Nationwide Insurance can do. But the consumers are not thinking about that other insurance companies could do just as much or more for the owner and the pet than Nationwide can do. By using the need to achieve, as well as the need to feel safe this ad makes consumers feel as though they are making the right choice for insurance by strong word choice and a picture of a very content women with her pet.

One of the main elements of this ad is the emotional appeal of the need to achieve. By Nationwide saying that it is the best insurance ever the viewers of this ad feel that no other insurance company could compete with Nationwide. Also, in the ad there are check marks to point out the abilities that are possible with Nationwide Insurance. This ad also uses the need to feel safe because the consumers feel protected by a good insurance company. The image shows that by having Nationwide Insurance a person can be living by themselves with a pet and not worry about being able to take care of it because the insurance will cover them. People will not feel that they are getting jipped because the ad shows that they can receive up to 90% back on the bill if they need to take their pet to the vet. Most of the time with advertisements, people need to be caught right away or they will lose interest. This ad is very affective in that sense because the viewers would immediately get attracted to the image of a happy woman with her dog. The they would see that the ad is for an insurance company which boasts as being the best. That is all that would be needed to get people thinking that if they get a pet to get Nationwide Insurance. All of these reasons show how this ad can be very appealing to a large amount of people.

This advertisement can connect with a bunch of people because many people have pets, but the target audience of this ad is young independent women. The ad shows how a women who is by herself can be happy knowing that she is properly insured. The woman is young and looks as though she can provide for herself. A lot of the time there are children who never had pets because their parents wouldn’t let them, so as soon as they got by themselves they bought a pet which adds to how this ad can relate very well to people. The picture can also be misleading because not everyone can have a perfect life and there will always be days that might make people question what they are doing. But it does properly show the way how pets can positively impact a persons life.

The fact is that this ad is very powerful and true to many people, nationwide insurance can provide many opportunities with people trying get a pet or already having one. The ad wants people to forget about doubts or possibilities that not everything will go right with a pet by giving as much support as possible to help young people live their life well.

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