Racial Discrimination in the NFL

Lately in the headlines it has been it has sparked the media into a so called frenzy regarding racial discrimination in particularly in the national football league.For example Colin Kaepernick has been under attack by his job for simply kneeling down silently and now he’s unemployed. How does that happen? The crazy part is, this has been happening for years but now history has repeated itself more controversial than ever. One can describe this as “madness in the making,” which many emotions into play. This controversy has united and separated business and personal views among the sports work environment. Employees such as lead commentators and sports analyst have come out and shared their comments, speaking out on his average and good performance in his career as a professional athlete. those who have spoken openly regarding certain situations such as the Colin Kaepernick debacle saying there is no valid explanation as to why he is not signed by a team for this NFL season. In the article “There’s no Credible Reason Why Colin Kaepernick Isn’t on a Week One Roster,” published on sports illustrated commentator and head coaches shared their thoughts on the matter at hand. Teams revealed they have found reasons why their have not been interested nor signed Colin Kaepernick. This article conspired the dilemma that Kaepernick is a healthy decent professional athlete so the real ration comes to why is it that he isn’t signed if he very qualifies for the job. People would imagine Kaepernick sees his unemployment as a reflection on the prevalence of injustice as cited in the Sports Illustrated. He has sparked a movement as well as contributed to the black lives matter movement and the “Know your Rights” campaign that has spread in both sports and in the wide society.

In most recent news related to this topic the scrutiny against the NFL has been the topic of discussion in the media regarding the comment that President Donald Trump made in a recent press conference. The New York Times has reported the controversy and how the NFL and NFL players have reacted to Trump’s actions. In a press conference Trump decided to refer NFL as quoted “s.o.b.,” and stated that he believes any player who decides to kneel in protest during the national anthem before any NFL game should be fired by the owners of the team. This controversy has been taken to the media in different communication, from the television screen and to social media. This has urged NFL fans to be split on this debate some are outraged to the point of protest in pro protest against Trump’s inappropriate statements. NFL teams following the sunday of his his press conference such as the Pittsburgh Steelers remained on the locker room during the national anthem in silent protest on September 24, 2017. Head coach Mike Tomlin spoke on the issue stating the Steelers won’t be “playing politics,” it is a very divise time, they will not be divided, they are football players and coaches they came to play football and that’s all they will do. Other teams have all taken a widespread of alternate approaches to this ordeal.

The Los Angeles Times has since reported more coverage on the issue, since this event has taken the media into a very public frenzy. The Dallas Cowboys who are also known as “America’s Team,” recently for the Monday Night Football game on September 25, 2017 stood together as a team involving players, coaches, and staff interlocked arms and took a knee before the national anthem and have since been under attack as well as been praised for how they have handled the situation. President Donald Trump has since defined their actions as “progress” and hopes that fans of the NFL will in return boycott and continue to boycott all NFL whether it be through streaming or through live attendance. And now he chooses to declare that standing and locking arms on the field is acceptable, but kneeling should not be allowed. Although teams have each chosen to handle their protest separately all outlets of media in particular the talk show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed,” has since been trying to bring light back to the issue at hand which is the stance that Colin Kaepernick began 14 months ago in many heated debates, that this issue is ultimately about the racial discrimination happening in the world and is now being partaken in the NFL.(808)

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