Not My President’s Day Rally

On President’s Day, thousands of people came together outside of Trump International Hotel in New York City to protest President Donald Trump’s policies. Protests like these are taking place across the nation in a movement billed as “Not My President” demonstrations.

Beth Cavangnolo, one of the organizers of the rally, said that she recognizes that many people are opposed to President Donald Trump’s recent policies.

“We organized here around the idea that the values that the administration is putting forth aren’t the values of New Yorkers and Americans.” Cavangnolo said.

Cavangnolo said the country is deeply divided, but she hopes these rallies will provide a safe haven for those who feel victimized by Trump’s policies.

“As much as were saying no we’re saying yes. We’re saying yes to the environment and yes to accessible and affordable healthcare and yes to education and science and technology and yes to immigrants and refugees and people with disabilities and people of all genders and all sexual orientations and all races and all religions.” Cavangnolo said.

At the rally, people were protesting a variety of issues from President Trump’s stance on the media to President Trump’s decision regarding the Dakota Pipeline.

Christiana Birch, a student at Pace University, came out in support of her family and friends who have been affected by Trump’s immigration ban.

“I’m from a family of immigrants and as a black woman I felt my rights were in question. Now, I’m genuinely afraid to leave the country because I might not get to ever come back. I feel that now more than ever I have a duty all Americans to stand up for those [rights].” Birch said.

One protestor has been to over 30 protests since President Trump took office. Richard Rice Alan dresses in a cape and has brightly colored signs that cover his entire chest. Alan said he wants to inspire people to take action in their lives not just with political figures, but on a daily basis.

“All you have to do is make your voice heard. I want to inspire people so that they can make a difference too.” Alan said.

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