Exactly What To Say In A First Message

I used to think that dating sites are clearly a waste of time. So many times I’ve tried to communicate with girls, who seemed to be quite interesting. I’ve been chatting via many sites, but things turned out to be disappointing. Scammers are everywhere! They were driving me nuts.

I’ve almost gave up my attempts to find a lady via Internet.

But by a lucky coincidence, I’ve found an interesting place.

All the girls there are real. Mostly they are talkative, frank and aimed on serious relationships. Many of them don’t know foreign languages, but professional translations are available for reasonable price. Also an option to get membership for 30$ p/m is available. But registration is free.

As for me I’ve spent about 90$ for translations of correspondence during 3 months with one attractive lady. Surely you correspondence will remain confidential.

It was more than successful investment, because she spent over 2000$ to make our first date real. Her trust in me was astonishing.

Now we are planning to meet once more, but this time on her territory. I believe I’ve finally found my soul mate.

I wish I could share my happiness with everyone, but the only thing I can do — is to share this link — https://goo.gl/xovJ3j.

Hope, you’ll find your luck there.