Reimagining cities from the internet up
Daniel L. Doctoroff

One of the most interesting articles I have read on Medium. Thought provoking and solution making.

My only suggestion is to look at Seoul, Korea. With an internet much faster than in the USA. (Last check it was 5 times faster, but I think we are catching up.) It is not only the speed, but the utility. In the cities, PC rooms/cafes everywhere. When I travel, I know I do not need to take my PC, I just use my Google account and have all the files I need for that trip. Some people bring an extra portable HD. The city residential buildings are built for the internet. It takes less than one day for them to turn on your internet when you sign up for new service. When I moved to DC and a later move to Maryland, it took a couple of weeks for new housing to get connected. All new housing in Korea has the networks in the building before the residents arrive. It was sad to see our status in USA and it felt like I had moved to a third world country when trying to get connected to the internet.

Good luck on this project, it will make us better.

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