Create problems to increase demand

As we look into the new era things are looking brighter. Technology is progressing and with it so does solutions for century old problems. So why should you be creating new problems?

Your customer doesn’t need your product?

Chances are your customer has found a solution for their problems. It may not be the most optimal of solutions but it works for them, so why should they change to your solution? You have to create new problems that their current methods do not solve.

The Walkman, iPod, Ford Motors, and other companies created problems and then solved them. Sometime it is as simple as informing them of their new problem and sometimes it’s just not that easy.

Habits and an unwillingness to change

If you look online their is an innumerable amount of articles about how to break or start habits. Customers will not likely break an old habit even if your solution is better. You have to make it a necessity. Whether is is extremely easy upkeep, rewards or something else, your solution needs to work its way into becoming invaluable to them.

(Once your product becomes their go to solution you can do things to keep them their. Integrate their lives with your product.)

Help your customer solve their problem but don’t do all it for them

People get a rush of endorphin when they solve a problem. If you present a customer with a problem and allow them to bridge the gap to your product being their solution those good feeling will then be imprinted onto their opinion of your company.

Don’t undermine a consumers solution

A good way to ruin any good will with a customer is by undermining the solution they came up with. We have gone through a long process to make sure everything is perfect.

  • Create a problem
  • Exceed their current solution
  • Bridge the gap between the problem and your solution

Building a relationship with the customer is what has them finally buy from you. If you do not build a relationship through this process then they will take that problem and go to another company for the solution.

Don’t be afraid to compare your product with competitors and give them different options within your own product. A smart customer will do research and it is much better they see the product comparisons through you. It is another nice way to help them solve their problem and give you some good will.

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