Easy Referencing in Word

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Adding references into word is actually fairly easy, so here’s how to do it:

N.B. I am using Microsoft Word 2016, but this method can be used in Word 2007 and higher. I unfortunately do not have an older copy of Word available to show those on versions pre-2007 although it is rare that anybody should still be using those anyway

Step 1

Place the cursor in the text where you want to add your reference:

Step 2

Head over to the references tab on the ribbon at the top and look for the citations and bibliography box

Step 3

Select your referencing system, if you don’t see your desired referencing system then don’t worry, I’m in the works writing an article about that as we speak

I’ve picked numerical because it’s the easiest to understand in my opinion

Step 4

You will want to click on insert citation and add new source

This will bring up a dialogue box where you will be able to fill in the information about the sources you have used.

Step 5

Here is the box you will have to fill in, it’s important you choose your type of source as it changes what fields and formatting appear in the document

Now it’s all filled in, all you need to do is to click ok and watch it add the reference number (in this case it’ll be the number (1)) into your document:

Step 6

Continue repeating steps 4–5 for each new source, OR if you would like to reuse a source this is also possible by going into ‘insert citation’ and selecting one of the previously used sources

But now we need to add the bibliography, so go to the location where you need to add your list of sources, go to the references tab in the ribbon, citations & Bibliography tab and select bibliography, finally you need to select your style:

This’ll add all works cited automatically into your document

And there you have it, the easiest and fastest way to add references into your Word document


The bibliography feature in word does not automatically update if you add new sources, in order for it to do so, you will need to click within the bibliography box and click ‘Update Citations and Bibliography’

Anyway, that’s it for me, thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the future!

This article included content from Wikipedia whose text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence as well as images sourced by myself from Microsoft Word