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Someone once said that a messy room is a sign of a disorganised, chaotic mind. That the chaos which might characterise your inner self is reflected by that chair overflowing with clothes, that unmade bed or those stained covers.

So to that I say, clean your room and get your life back on track.

Sounds too simple, too easy, too good to be true?
Well, that’s because it kind of is.

No, sweeping the floor won’t get you that promotion at work you so desperately desire, making your bed won’t sculpt your body like a greek god, and hanging your clothes won’t make achieving your goals any less difficult. …

The faded look vs the smell of new

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I believe writing is, next music, one of the highest forms of artistic expression our kind has ever created, and to read, is to become part of that art.

A book can take you around the globe, into a different galaxy, to future or past times, all from the comfort of your bedroom. Books are human creations designed to escape reality through our mind and imagination, and I love it.

Navigating a book store trying to find the perfect story, looking at all the covers searching for the one that calls your name, the cashier handing you that crunchy paper bag with your book in it, the anticipation of reading an all-new story with unknown characters in it, the smell while leafing through the pages. …

Three lessons writing online has taught me.

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Why do you write?

Seems like such an overused and cliché question, but it’s the first and only thing I need to ask myself every time I sit at my desk and start typing.

Now don’t worry, neither I nor anyone else needs to know your why, but you do.

Spray paint it on the ceiling above your bed, write it on the mirror in your bathroom, set it as your phone’s background. Whatever you need to do in order not to lose sight of it.

We all become writers at a certain point in our life. Not when we publish a best-selling novel, not when we receive the first paycheck for our work, not when reporters wait outside our house hoping for an interview. The moment we become writers, is the moment we figure out why we write in the first place. …

And why it’s worth it

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It can be as soothing as marijuana, as electrifying as cocaine, as warming as heroin. And as lethal as a cocktail of them all.

Love has always been a drug to man’s soul. Highly addictive and extremely intoxicating, from source of inspiration to cause of despair. From the dawn of time to the 21st century it has both corrupted and purified our existence.

Love seems to transcend space and time, breaking barriers and stopping at nothing until a heart has been impregnated. It is an invisible narcotic that somehow takes full control of our body, mind and soul. …

Follow the footsteps of Italian poets

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“A true poet listens to the child within him, to what the child sees and perceives.”

— Giovanni Pascoli

Pascoli was one of Italy’s most influential poets. Criticized by some, adored by many, about a century after his death his works are still subject of discussion inside Italian classrooms and between Lit major students all over the world.

In the late 1800s, the Italian derived his theory of poetry from the story of the child who led the blind poet Homer by the hand.

The way children speak, the way they think. How they behave without malice and how they observe without judgement. Their pure outlook on life and their uncontaminated perspective on anything and everything. …

Creativity doesn’t have a wallet

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One of the most influential Italian poets, Giovanni Pascoli, derived his theory of poetry from the story of the child who led the blind poet Homer by the hand. “A true poet”, he says, “listens to the child within him, to what the child sees and perceives.”

In a world where money is king, the older we get, the harder we have to fight to protect our inner fanciullino, as Pascoli calls it, in order to keep writing from the heart.

So how do we reconcile art and economic survival, without letting money corrupt our inner child?

By treating money as a plus, not a must.

A simple roadmap to follow your dreams

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Kevin Durant once said that “hard work beats talent, whenever talent fails to work hard”, and there really is no way around it.

You know as well as I do, that success is a matter of hard work and consistency, and that consistent hard work really is king when it comes to achieving your most ambitious goals.

You know as well as I do, that success is a matter of dedication and relentlessness, because working on your goals must be an everyday endeavour, through the good and the bad.

I’m not here to tell you for the millionth time to give it all you got, or that you must not give up when times get tough, or that you cannot accept failure — because you already know all that. The thing is though, while you might have all the ingredients you need, you can’t cook a meal without the recipe; while you might have all the pieces of the puzzle, you can’t see the big picture until you’ve solved it; while you might have a destination in mind, you won’t get there unless you know how to get there. …

And, more importantly, to myself

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I just came back from a break from writing. These right here are, in fact, the first and only words I’ve written in about 10 days.

Actually no, I want to be completely honest with you. I just came back from a break from pretty much everything. Everything worthwhile, that is. These past 10 days I lost track of time, I lost sight of my goals and I became a past version of myself I swore I would never let back into my life. …

You get to design your own life

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Scientists estimate the probability of your being born at about one in 400 trillion. Yes, you read that right. One in 400 trillion.

That’s a 4 followed by 14 zeros. A tremendously big number, if you ask me. Yet here we are, you and I both get this one in 400 trillion chance to wake up every morning, open our eyes, and live life.

I like to think we’re lucky, for that fact alone, and I like to think there’s a reason you and I were that one out of 400 trillion. I like to think there’s a reason, for you being born you, and me being born me. What I don’t like, instead, is the idea that that reason is “written in the stars”, or that “our destiny is already written”, or any other cliché bs about how there is a path that we must follow. Because yes, we are all here for a reason, but no, that reason is not prefabricated upon our arrival — our reason, as well as our destiny, are for us to decide, for us to write. …

Three invaluable lessons for a successful life

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What does success mean to you?
Ask different people, and you’ll get different answers.

Some strive for fame, some for money, others for personal fulfilment, and some for a big and happy family. Whatever your definition of success might be, I guarantee you, it’ll differ, to a certain extent, from mine.

We can’t really quantify or objectively describe what being successful means, but while doing some research for this article I came across two quiet shocking numbers: 1% and 81%.

I guess this is pretty well known, but it is worth sharing and reminding that half of the world’s net wealth belongs to only the top 1% of the population, meaning the richest 1% of the population. Instead, something that might be a little less known, is that, according to research, only 19% of people actually achieve their yearly goals — it might be hard to grasp, but this means that, every year, around 6.5


José Roberto Valladares

Physics, self-development and writing enthusiast. A 22 year old science geek giving you some (hopefully) useful insight on how to live your best life. Milan📍

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