Same approach, same results

Someone once said that a messy room is a sign of a disorganised, chaotic mind. That the chaos which might characterise your inner self is reflected by that chair overflowing with clothes, that unmade bed or those stained covers.

So to that I say, clean your room and get your…

The faded look vs the smell of new

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I believe writing is, next music, one of the highest forms of artistic expression our kind has ever created, and to read, is to become part of that art.

A book can take you around the globe, into a different galaxy, to future or past times, all from the comfort…

Three lessons writing online has taught me.

Why do you write?

Seems like such an overused and cliché question, but it’s the first and only thing I need to ask myself every time I sit at my desk and start typing.

Now don’t worry, neither I nor anyone else needs to know your why, but you do.

It can be as soothing as marijuana, as electrifying as cocaine, as warming as heroin. And as lethal as a cocktail of them all.

Love has always been a drug to man’s soul. Highly addictive and extremely intoxicating, from source of inspiration to cause of despair. …

Follow the footsteps of Italian poets

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“A true poet listens to the child within him, to what the child sees and perceives.”

— Giovanni Pascoli

Pascoli was one of Italy’s most influential poets. …

Creativity doesn’t have a wallet

One of the most influential Italian poets, Giovanni Pascoli, derived his theory of poetry from the story of the child who led the blind poet Homer by the hand. “A true poet”, he says, “listens to the child within him, to what the child sees and perceives.”

In a world…

A simple roadmap to follow your dreams

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Kevin Durant once said that “hard work beats talent, whenever talent fails to work hard”, and there really is no way around it.

You know as well as I do, that success is a matter of hard work and consistency, and that consistent hard work really is king when it…

I just came back from a break from writing. These right here are, in fact, the first and only words I’ve written in about 10 days.

Actually no, I want to be completely honest with you. I just came back from a break from pretty much everything. Everything worthwhile, that…

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Scientists estimate the probability of your being born at about one in 400 trillion. Yes, you read that right. One in 400 trillion.

That’s a 4 followed by 14 zeros. A tremendously big number, if you ask me. Yet here we are, you and I both get this one in…

Three invaluable lessons for a successful life

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What does success mean to you?
Ask different people, and you’ll get different answers.

Some strive for fame, some for money, others for personal fulfilment, and some for a big and happy family. …

José Roberto Valladares

Physics, self-development and writing enthusiast. A 22 year old science geek giving you some (hopefully) useful insight on how to live your best life. Milan📍

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