“I wish I learned more from my coach.”

Shocking words were uttered the other day at baseball. When I had asked another adult what they thought of another coach, the player hesitated for a second. Then spoke out something I had never heard before “Coach was so good, I wish he had taught me more.” Wow!

Think of that comment. Given there are many different facts that play into how a coach is viewed and the role of the coach, but this was shocking to me for the fact that one of the main objectives of a coach is to teach whatever sport they are playing. This also indicates something so strong within many players which is a thirst for knowledge, whether that be small information, or large chunks. Players will not openly ask you for information or try to something that they see. Coaches need to encourage their players to test, and learn.

But in the end coaches need to be there to teach. If you as a coach see a player who is interested in the information you have. FEED THAT PLAYER! I can’t stress that enough. Are some players more gifted than others. Yes that goes without saying. But often times those players want the least amount of attention. Players that are looking for information should be given that information, that time to grow. Players who are eager to learn should not be looked at as a nucence but should be celebrated. This is the type of athlete that we all should be focused on when we are coaching.

Players who are interested in the knowledge need it in order to succeed. I talk to a lot of different coaches about what they wish they knew as a player? Think if you had the information that you currently have as a player? If a player is eager to learn teach to them. They were once you! These information seekers will fill in the void of good information with bad useless stuff. Don’t let this happen. By the time they learn what is the correct thing to do they will be past their playing days.

Coaches need to be there to help guide, and consult. Which means that players will come to you with questions, comments, and concerns. Answer them. If you don’t know the answer seek them together. It is OK to learn with players grow always stay hungry for info and that player to push you!

What does everyone think? What do you wish your best coach had taught you?