Ten Ways I am changing in 2016

I know what everyone is thinking fit 2016 everyone has seen these stories about how they are changing in 2016. Well here is my list I hope it inspires you as you go into your 2016!

  1. Becoming more mindful: This is a huge push in the world over the last few years but I am trying to control my self more this coming year and that includes how I react to different situations and how I think about others as well as myself. This is much tougher than you would think though as the mind is set in a number of different pathways that are tough to break.
  2. Investing in others and myself: That means putting time into myself and people who I think are valuable to my life. I think others often times want allot of attention that may not be warranted, but I want to be selective and really invest myself into others lives.
  3. Lead: Not just in my job but I want to build people up in my life. Leadership is so easy to do and allot of times out often comes with just a few words of wisdom or move words that you share with someone during the day.

Thanks for checking in! How is everyone else changing?