What Does Baseball EDU Stand For?

The main goal of Baseball EDU is to teach and train Baseball players to reach their potential. We do this by doing a couple of things to the best of our abilities.

  1. Teach the game. We have found that through the years that we have played and coached that few coaches will teach the game; but rather coaches have focused on old cliches, and just rolling a ball out there for players to hit, throw, and catch. We want to teach with intent, which to us is focusing everyday on getting better as coaches and players on whatever we are working at.
  2. Technology: With all the video that is available to players we want to make it useful to help players not only see some of the best baseball movements that are happening at all levels of Baseball, but to also see their own movements in real time and make adjustments. We also use radar readings to quantify improvements in players exit velocity, launch angle readings to help players to connect skills information to their own abilities. Baseball EDU is always looking to stay up to date on the newest developments and are currently working with companies to help develop technologies that may be beneficial to players.
  3. Passion. Baseball EDU is passionate about our work, the players we work with, and everything that we do. We want players to improve in a safe, fun, creative atmosphere!

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