Why Attitude Is Everything In Baseball

Attitude I would dare to venture is the biggest predictor of any baseball teams record. If a team has a fighting scraping attitude I would say that they are more likely to have a winning record than not. The same can be said for teams with poor attitudes. When a team or player is rolling it is the easiest thing in the world is to be just puff out your chest and say that you are going to be the best in the world. It is only when things go wrong that a player or teams attitude is tested.

In these times when a team gets knocked down that their true attitude is often reveled. Players need to have confidence that they can fight back, or at least stay focused enough to limit the damage. Players that go into the tank when they strike out three times, and make an error is a dangerous trap to fall into because failure is inherent in baseball. Failure should just be a teacher for the player that they need to get better. Failure is OK! If a player was to not fail for their whole baseball life, how would they get better? It in these failures that players need to fight through not hang their head in defeat.

In terms of a team make up, almost every time there is a small core group of players determines the overall sway of the team. I am convinced that if a team has an attitude that can fight through issues, tough times, and not get down on themselves it will propel them to overall success. Teams need to realize quickly that baseball is so much about attitude that it can either win a game or lose it. Often times I ask my players to watch the other teams attitude to see what their body language is telling them. It is in times like these that the players see what bad body language looks like on a baseball field. Seeing the bad attitudes can immediately spark something good from teams that are teams that fight.

Overall teams and players need to realize failure is going to happen. The quicker teams and players deal with this failure the more successful they will be. Players can’t get down on themselves easily, and they need to develop a fighting attitude for all within the team. If this can happen on a team you are much more likely to succeed as a team.

My thoughts.

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