Why the people closest to you should challenge you!

Simple enough to think right. The people who are with you the most should not just agree with you. These people you need to be able to trust with everything. If you can find people to do that you are setting yourself up to succeed. You need people to challenge and push you so you are not just going with the flow in terms of what you want to do.

If you can’t trust your closest people to challenge you, let me ask who is going to challenge any of your sub-par ideas? Even if they are great ideas having someone close by who can push your ideas to a better place is something that should be viewed as a major asset to you as a person. People closest to you should always be viewed in the thought that they can help you. Any person you meet should always be pushing you to be honest.

Challenges to yourself are important for the fact that they keep you honest, keep your mind going and keep you from being complacent. Read a story of how Theo Epstein brought Jed Hoyer to Chicago with him not for the fact that they are close friends, but for the fact that they pushed each other, questioned each other, and held the respect that they needed to push forward with everything that they wanted to accomplish. I loved it because honestly if you are at that stage of the baseball world and you still need someone to keep you honest, to keep you grounded that is so impressive to me.

To me if Theo Epstein is doing that why shouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t I ask one of my closest people to stay close and push his ideas to a new level? Why shouldn’t we expect every single person to come by and question every single idea? Why would you not want your ideas and thought challenged, able to be questioned and pushed to new levels? To me this idea seems so simple and valid that it should be held to a higher standard and be something that I strive for in my everyday life. Challenge yourself by challenging the people you are closest to!