Jackson stared at Jane anxiously, hoping that her answer was yes. He had planned everything out for days now, and it was ought to be perfect. He had picked out the food, candies and even music genre that Jane loved and she was in shock. She didn’t know how to respond so she kept quiet, while in her head she kept trying to digest the situation. She had always thought of Jackson as a close friend, not really knowing how he felt for her for the past few months. Although he had dropped some “hints” here and there, she always thought of them as him just being nice and a good friend. And here he was, on a Breezy Thursday night in late April, asking her to the Prom. The first words that came from her mouth, were “but…but….but”

“But what” Jackson replied


She was right. Jackson had been dating Kim for a almost a year now and even though it wasn’t the best relationship, He still loved her. Out of nowhere, Jackson took his phone out his pocket and dialed Kim’s Cellphone number. To Jane’s surprise, Jackson put Kim on speaker and Broke up with her, right in front of her. It was the craziest, most selfish thing Jane had ever seen in her life, and from the person she expected it from the least.

Jackson, now again reaching into his front pocket, took out a folded up piece of paper. He unfolded it and started reading

“ you may be wondering why I did all that I have just done, and well the simplest explanation is this. I love you. When I met you, I looked into your eyes and saw just how beautiful you were. Ever since that day I haven’t been able to get over you. You are in my dreams every time I go to sleep, and you are in my thoughts 24/7. You have always been there for me, good and bad,and have made the good times great and the bad times more bearable. You are beautiful and seeing you smile makes my heart melt. You are one of my Best friends in the world and you mean so much to me it is unreal. College is coming in a few months, and in my opinion, you made both my senior and junior year the ones i’ll cherish the most. That being said, you are single, im single, we have some in common,what do you say we give it a try at a relationship and i take you to Prom?

After hearing all that she tried to connect the dots. The 4 teddy bears he had given her in the past year, all the times he’d been there for her, for her successes and also for the times she’d cry because of a break up. A small voice in the back of her head was telling her “say yes you idiot! This is all you’ve been wanting! Jesus Christ, he is an amazing guy”

Jackson, as nervous as ever, slowly said “sooooooo?”

At this moment, Jane knew she had to answer. Any more time wasted and he’ll think she was not interested, and will probably be doubting her decision.

“I mean if you don’t want-” said Jackson before getting interrupted by Jane. “No I am down to going to prom with you! It’s just that it took me some time to process the information. I did not know you felt that way about me! I’m so sorry. Ugh I was just so blind to not see this before! I mean we’ve known each other for almost 2 years now and it’s unbelievable. I mean I kinda did have a crush on you for the first few weeks of our friendship….

At hearing that come out of Jane’s mouth, Jackson yelled “WAIT WHAT?!?! SO YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT WHAT MARIA TOLD ME WAS TRUE?!”

“Well just a bit, but I thought you didn’t want to be with me as a boyfriend. After a while I actually thought you were dating someone so I stopped trying. And well to figured that I had to do something, so I started to date some other guys, as you well know.”

“OMG THATS THE SAME REASON WHY I STARTED DATING KIM!” Replied Jackson astoundingly astonished. Everything started to make sense to him n

Jane looked at her phone and noticed that it was 10:30 Pm. She freaked out and ran to her car, which was covered in flowers, and started the engine. From the car she yelled “I’ll talk to you later! My parents are probably worried sick that I am not going home yet!! They will understand everything and will be happy for the two of us. Goodbye, Boyfriend. She smiled and winked at him and then she drove off.

Two weeks passed, and Prom was getting closer and closer. And With every passing day, Jackson and Jane grew closer and their love grew stronger. Everything was going well, until Jane saw him talking to another girl. She thought to herself “ oh my god is he for real right now?!”

The day went by fast, and in no time it was 7th period. She kept thinking about what she had seen in the morning, and she tried to confront him, as they

“So Jackson, who was the girl that you were talking to by your Locker today in the morning?”

“Oh, Kelly? She is just a friend, we were talking about how we need to study for the Stats AP exam! Her friend told her it was difficult, and I really want a 4 or 5. We were making up dates to meet up at the library to work on Homework and studying. Why, is there a problem?

“Um yes there Is! She was clearly flirting with you Jackson! God how could you not see it? And you were leading her on!” Angrily responded Jane.

What are you talking about Jane?! She is just a friend, Jesus I don’t know why you have to be jealous, we are dating, remember?

Jane flipped out and started insulting him. She yelled and yelled at him until she started crying without a stop. she closed her eyes for a few seconds, and when she opened them, Jackson couldn’t be found anywhere, he had left the room without warning, she though. Jane tried calling her and text her, but it was useless, she could not get a hold of him.

Have I lost him? She thought to herself. She finally saw where she did wrong and she was lamenting herself about her actions.she could not believe she had just lost a boyfriend and a friend, at the same time, which was just horrid for her to think about, as she thought about how great of a guy Jackson was. She continued throughout her day normally, and when she got home, she decided to give him a call.

The phone started ringing, and she was wondering what she was going to say to him. Jane though that she should apologize and try to make amends for being a psychotic jealous girlfriend, but when the phone picked up, she noticed it was not Jackson on the other line. It was a female voice, and before she jumped into conclusions, she asked who was on the other side. To her relief, it was Jackson’s mom. She sounded distraught and really saddened.

“Hi mrs. Black, is Jackson there? I wanted to talk to him about something” said Jane.

“Oh sweetie I was going to call you but I just did not have the heart to do it” said Mrs. Black, her voice starting to break.

“Wait what do you mean? Mrs black you are scaring me” said Jane, sounding confused

“I don’t know how to tell it to you Jane, but Jackson, Jackson is dead” Mrs. Black said, going into a complete sobbing and crying session, not being able to hold back her tears.

At this moment, Jane’s heart dropped. She felt dizzy, lightheaded, and like throwing up. No she has to be kidding! Her boyfriend could not be dead!! It was impossible, no way it could be real. She started to cry and forgot about Mrs. Black for a few minutes, until she asked her how it happened.

“Well he ditched school, took his car and drove down Route 83, and according to the cop who saw the accident, he hit a house at 96 miles an hour. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was under the influence”

“No that can’t be true! I have been with Jackson for a year now and he had never drank a drop of alcohol before Mrs. Black!

“Well, we did find his phone, and in it a message, to you. It seemed you guys had a very heated conversation Jane, what happened?”

“ Oh my god, no no no no NOOO! this is all my fault Mrs. Black! I got him mad by accusing him of something he could never do to me! he loved me and all i did was doubt him. And now he is dead so there is no way he can ever forgive me. He is gone forever and it’s all on me! Am i a horrible person mrs. Black? am I? Because I do not think I can ever come back from this” Jane started crying, and before Mrs. Black could respond, she threw her phone against the wall, cracking the screen.

She knew she had to go to the hospital, to say a last goodbye to Jackson, but she could not see herself doing it.