Suggestive Search w/ Firebase Cloud Functions, ElasticSearch + Angular

  • “Kitchen Sink” approach can be overwhelming, requiring features and dependencies you might not need (but still add to your size budget…)
  • Not 100% Polymorphic (yet) - Still has some issues w/ SSR
  • Can become costly depending on your data circumstances


  • Google Cloud Account
  • Firebase Project (Blaze Plan)
  • Latest Angular (8, presently)

Deploy ElasticSearch

Launch ElasticSearch on Google Cloud
ElasticSearch Server Credentials

Setup Cloud Functions

> firebase functions:config:set elasticsearch.username="user" elasticsearch.password="PASSWORD" elasticsearch.url="http://IP_ADDRESS/elasticsearch"
> npm install request request-promise --save
> firebase deploy --only functions

Seed Data » FakerJS

> node functions/seed.ts

Confirm + Preview » Dejavu Extension

Dejavu Chrome Extension

Angular Service + Component





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