Signotec API net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE Solution

This one had me wasting time due the lack of sufficient documentation and resources online.

I figured out quickly that my problem had to do with either a security certificate or user permissions… but I had now idea how to fix it.

The solution:

Click the Windows (start) button, type mmc. You will open up a window called Console 1.

Goto File > “Add/Remove Snap-In”

Click Certificates, then click the Add button so it appears on the right side

Click Ok

Now click the drop down next to “Certificates --Current User”

Select “Trusted Root Certification Authoritites”

Select the drop down to reveal the “Certificates” folder

Right Click the “Certificates” folder, select “All Tasks”, then click “Import…”

The “Certificate Import Wizard” now opens.

Click Next

Then click Browse…

Navigate to the signotec folder in your “Program Files (x86)”

Find the root.crt file in the WebSocketPadServer folder

Click open, next and then make sure your root.crt is in the Certificates folder.

Now, close Console 1

Close all of your programs that were using the signotec websocket server.

Then go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall signotec.

Reinstall the Signotec API server.

This time, when you get to the certificate dialog window. Make sure you deselect the “Include root.crt” check box. You DO NOT want the certificate.

Finish the installation.

Now, your websocket server should run after you install. Check your task manage to make sure. If you do not see it. Open a command window, navigate to the signotec directory in your program files. Then run the exectuable with your desired port.

Finally, run the demo and make sure you have your device communicating.

You should be all set to go!

Happy signing!

BTW… this solution is for Windows.


If you are running firefox… you will have to add the certificate directly to the firefox browser.