How Donald Trump Hijacked the Authenticity of the Web
David Weinberger

I think one of the reasons Trump resonates with so many is that he is unashamed of who he is. Love him or loathe him, he puts himself out there. This means writing stream of conscious Tweets, holding live and impromptu press conferences, and subjecting himself to the probing questions of every network, left, right and center. David Weinberger clearly doesn’t like Trump, but I think he misses this level of ownership the man takes about everything in his candidacy. Even when he’s insulting people or defending his own dishonesty he approaches it with a level of openness and acceptance rarely seen in a presidential candidate. In other words, he’s a total dirtbag but he seems ok with that. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has a 30 year trail of slime behind her but acts like she’s an innocent victim of right wing political plotting. She comes across as someone trying to force a contrived persona down everyone’s throats, all the while in total denial of how most people perceive her. This is why a reality TV show braggart has an actual chance of becoming president.

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