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There are no guarantees in life, not anywhere, under any system. There is no cosmic law that says every beautiful voice must be heard or every marvelous talent exposed to the world or properly compensated. Poe, Keats and Kafka died young, penniless and virtually unknown. Vincent Van Gogh sold only 2 paintings out of an estimated 2,000 works. He went insane and died in sick obscurity. How would these brilliant creators have done with crowdsourcing? Maybe well. Maybe not.

The point is it’s a wonderful blessing to have the options we have today. If you can get by on busking for tips via Medium and GoFundMe, more power to you. Odds are you’ll find it rather difficult. Because people only pay you what your job is worth to them— it’s called supply and demand and it’s exactly the principle that drove the innovation behind crowdsourcing in the first place.

So it all goes back to one simple question. Why are you writing to begin with? If it’s to make money, I submit that’s not a smart career choice based on the odds. But if it’s to satisfy your curiosity, practice your talent, chase your dreams or let your voice be heard to the world, I assume you’re going to do it with or without payment so the point is moot.

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