Agency Juice — Issue 02

Joel Rosen
Jul 24 · 7 min read

Welcome to the 2nd issue of Agency Juice, another month, another hit of the good stuff. It’s been all smiles here at ORCA, what with my best friend and business partner, James Ewin celebrating the birth of his first child, baby Reuben. However, even with nappies and sleepless nights on our minds, the creativity must go on and as always we’ve had a continuous flow of juicy inspiration trickling into our brand agency keeping our eyes very much peeled. Here’s an overview of what’s caught my attention this month and why.

Mind Map — Mental Juice

I love the fact that Mental Health is slowly becoming recognised as normal. In my opinion it’s not something people get, it’s what everyone has, and has to work on to maintain. That’s why The Mind Map, ‘‘a new initiative that seeks to promote a new normal in an age of increasing mental health problems’’ recently caught my attention with its feature on It’s Nice That. A project that aligns positive change with an impactive brand identity is right up our street at ORCA. I love the way in which their identity reflects the helpful, personable nature of the platform and the slightly muted, vintage colour palette is dreamy. With artwork and design Created by Bella Union’s in-house designer Luke Jarvis, this is one project worth checking out.

Aelfie — Rug Life

I love a inspiring creative side project that takes off. To be honest it’s a bit of an obsession of mine, the idea of being creative, doing what you love and surviving off it has always been a goal of mine and something I push other creatives to go for all the time. That’s why Aelfie Oudghiri’s design studio which specialises in bespoke rugs and various homeware inspired by youth culture and tribal textiles made me smile (and maybe also purchase one for my home). Featured in Vogue, Elle and The New York times, Aelfie deserves all the hype she’s gotten. Check these guys out for some seriously tempting textiles…

Polytype — Type Juice

Lots of my work day is spent hunting for up and coming typefaces and making sure we’re using type that is functional and orginal is super important. It’s easy to catch on to trends, see other designers using awesome typefaces well and follow suit, but finding smaller, less popular foundries with hidden gems deep in their libraries is a passion of our design team and helps to ensure a standout project. This month whilst on one of my morning type adventures I stumbled across Scottish foundry; Polytype. This solo foundry ran by Glaswegian; Lewis MacDonald has a small but varied range of type. The typefaces are definitely more suited to display and headline purposes and probably wouldn’t fit a more everyday client project, but when we’ve got some free reigns to push the boundaries I’ll definitely be sampling some of these out.

Cloudy Co — Niche Juice

Sometimes when you run an agency, you see other people’s agencies and think to your self… fair play, and this can be for a number of reasons. Wether it’s the work they produce or how they’ve tailored their offering to target a specific niche, you have to give credit where it’s due. Cloudy Co, the Melbourne based agency of Claudia Passera specialise in branding and packaging and their work jumped out to me when I saw them featured over at The Dieline. Combining abstract, minimal illustrations, textures and traditional typefaces in a ‘hell yeah that’s nice’ manner, their packaging for the drinks industry is definitely worth checking out for an inspiration blast.

Yasseen Faik — Texture Juice

Meet Yasseen Faik, the king of digital meets analog in a perfect blend of raw, gritty textures, mixed mediums and satisfying typography. Working predominantly with clients within the arts, music and culture scene Yasseen has built up a pretty impressive list of clients including the Tate Modern, Boiler Room and Crack Magazine to name a few. I first stumbled on his work when he was working over at Crack Magazine alongside Alfie Allen who was Creative Director at the time and you could always tell when Yasseen had been involved becuase of that new rawness, and grittiness his style brought to the mag. Yasseen has totally smashed the ‘find a cool texture, scan it in and fuck with it in Photoshop trend’ and he’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

What I’ve been up to this month

Trying to keep up with some conceptual branding exploration each month, this time it’s for ZUNO — fruit teas :) Check out my Dribbble page for more personal work and other stuff we’ve been working on as part of the ORCA family.

We’ve also been super busy working on the new ORCA site, which will hopefully be launching in a few months or so, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

What Charlie’s been upto

As always Charlie’s had a tough month what with all the work he needs to get done each week and all the cuddles he needs to give. But, even with such a tough agenda he still manages to find the time to be a total goofball!

See ya next month folks :)

Joel Rosen

Written by

Creative Director at ORCA, Co-founder of Briefbox

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