What the #@&*^ is that? ( translating special characters)

If you don’t know anything about programing, or you remember a time when you didn’t know anything about programing, you also know that when most people look at a standard computer keyboard they see a bunch of mysterious symbols scattered throughout the letters and numbers they learned as a child. They don’t know what these symbols are called or why they are there…

These symbols are used regularly by computer programmers. Each symbol has multiple names, depending on who you ask, where they are from, what language they write code in, and how cool they (think) they are.


verticle bar, or, or-bar, v-bar, gozinta, thru, pipesinta, pipe


star, asterisk, splat, wildcard, gear, dingle, spider, times, twinkle, glob


number sign, pound, hash, sharp, crunch, grid, cross-hatch, octothorps, flash, pig-pen, tic-tac-toe, scratch mark, thud, thump.


tilde, squiggle, twiddle, wiggle, swung dash

< >

waka, angle bracket, broken, suck/blow, in/out, crunch/zap, tic/tac


question mark, query, quiz, whatmark, what, wild char, hook, buttonhook, hunchback


at sign, at, strudel, vortex, whorl, whirlpool, snail, ape, cat, cabbage, pigs tail, cat


caret, hat, control, xor sign, chevron, shark fin, fang, pointer


underscore, underbar, under, score, backarrow, skid, flat row


back tick, backquote, grave accent, grave, back prime, back spark, unapostrophe, birk, blugle, push, quasi quote

( )

(left/right, open/close) Paren, Parenthesis, Round, Round Bracket, finger nail


ampersand, amp, amper, and, pretzel

{ }

(left/right, open/close) brace, bracket, squiggly, squiggly bracket, curly, uncurly


slash, forward slash, stroke, slant, forward slash, diagonal, over, whack


backslash, hack, whack, escape, reverse slash, slosh, back slant, back whack, bash, reversed virgule


equals, quadrathorpe, half-mesh


percent, percent sign, mod, grapes


colon, dots, two-spot, snake-bite


semicolon, weenie, pit-thrwong


dot, point, period, radix point, full stop


dash, hyphen, minus, worm, dak, bithorpe