Completing the Triangle — Capital Region Google Developer Group DevFest

Jason Rotella
Oct 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello from the Capital Region in Upstate New York. There are a lot of reasons to be very proud of living, working and volunteering time here. Chief among these is the quality and cooperation in the communities here. I particularly enjoy serving and interfacing with the technical community through co-organizing the Capital Region Google Developer Group (GDGCR), now going strongly into its third year, with our upcoming flagship DevFestCR18 conference on 10/27.

The pool of technical talent in the Capital Region is strong, powering organizations from Lightstep to Github to Microsoft to RedHat to Kinetic to Odd Networks, to Global Foundries to CommerceHub to PUBG-Madglory to Velan Studios to GE Digital, and on and on. Please check out the sponsor list for our 2016, 2017 and 2018 DevFest conferences to get a sense for the technical horsepower we have here.

In the software industry-in particular, there is considerable critical mass being developed based on remote-friendliness of companies in other geographies, coupled with the quality of life in the Capital Region. This adds to the technical talent pool already in place and results in infusion of different perspectives and experiences, which helps everyone improve as software developers, engineers and architects. GDGCR hopes to provide a unifying force bringing these individuals together into special interest groups and for important gatherings like DevFestCR18.

The mission of GDGCR is to inform and equip these software professionals for their own professional development, which, in-turn, builds their brand and benefits whomever they work for. GDGCR accomplishes this mission by providing access to experts and content that are unique to our relationship with Google, and by our strong sponsorship support from local software-driven companies.

GDGCR and other technical communities in the Capital Region are fortunate to have unwavering support from organizations such as Upstate Venture Connect (UVC) and New York Tech Loop. The mission of UVC is “Connecting Entrepreneurs Across Upstate New York”. The mission of New York Tech Loop is to unify the software communities from Albany/Troy to Schenectady to Saratoga Springs areas. Both missions are going strong.

Since the entrepreneurial community generally depends so strongly on software for its operations and product growth, UVC is a key supporting organization across all of Upstate New York.

A goal since the formation of GDGCR has been to hold DevFest conferences in all of the areas of the Capital Region that New York Tech Loop’s efforts seek to unify. I am proud to say that with DevFestCR18, GDGCR will have achieved this goal. With New York Tech Loop as a sponsor for DevFestCR18, the timing is absolutely perfect.

So, I encourage those interested in topics such as: infrastructure-as-code, DevOps, application tracing, Node.js, Flutter mobile app, kubernetes, functions-as-a-service, data-science/machine-learning, Golang, Firebase, game development, and much, much more, to please join the Capital Region technical community as we “complete the triangle” at DevFestCR18.

About GDGCR:

GDGCR was founded in April 2016. Now in its second year of bringing the best from the forefront of web, mobile, cloud, IoT and machine learning/artificial intelligence right to the doorstep of the Capital Region, GDGCR is going strong. Feel free to become a member of GDGCR here.

Jason Rotella

Written by

Software Platform and Solutions Development: @GE_Digital | Co-founder: @gdgCapRegion (Google Developer Group)

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