An Open Letter To You
talia jane

“Arrogant validation”? Honey, the world is shaking its head at you and making fun of how pathetic you are. Read the comments on that Go Fund Me page — surely you realize that accepting handouts from strangers is probably the worst possible thing you could do. The world is watching, yes. Just like they can’t look away from a train wreck, they are watching you to see if this immature, entitled twenty-something will ever take ownership for her situation, and make life decisions to improve her situation.

And then to say that “I don’t think you should be barred from growing and exploring and taking risks because your income isn’t in proportion with the cost of living in your area.” Girl, please delete this post before you lose any ounce of respect that may already be long gone. That doesn’t even make any sense. You make life choices to live where you live. You don’t have to live there. This is on you. Grow up.

My recommendation… delete this post, and all of your tweets and other posts, and stay off the internet for a while. You’ve dug yourself a hole that is going to be hard to climb out of. Not impossible, but when you’re in the hole that you are in, you need to stop digging. Disappear from the internet for a while. Seriously a while, like a loooong time. And focus on yourself. Get a job. Move if you have to. Learn how to live within your means. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop whining about how bad you have it (you don’t have it that bad, trust me). You are not entitled to anything. Know that. Then decide that anything you get will be something that you earn. And you only earn what you deserve. Then you will actually be proud of it, unlike taking any money from strangers like a panhandler who really needs help. Until then, quit making yourself a national / global joke. It might seem fun for your 15 minutes of fame, but seriously, it’s not cool to try to be a butt of a joke all the time. Just unplug for a while, seriously.

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