How to Write a Meaningful Blog Post

At some point in almost every person’s life they ask themselves one important question: how do I write a blog post? Yes, this is quite a startling and open-ended question, but I can assure you that the answer is much simpler than one would imagine. Here I will attempt to break down this complex process.

Step 1: Clean your entire room

A Super Clean Room.

Sure, some people might think that writing is the most essential part of starting a blog post. They are horribly mistaken. Every time that I have to write a blog post, or do homework, or do pretty much anything of even minuscule importance to my success and my future, I always make sure that my room is completely clean. Other people I’ve talked to would rather “sit at their desk and think about the task at hand” or “focus on what needs to get done and make it their priority”, but why would I want that when I could have a clean room?

Step 2: Wait

Your room is cleaner than ever and now you’re ready to write a blog post right? Wrong! You should take a little break while you recover from such a tedious and trying task. Cleaning your room and dancing around while listening to loud music sure is an exhausting feat.

Step 3: Open the Blog Webpage

There’s the place. The writing, blogging place.

This step is a little overwhelming for even the most experienced bloggers, and it does take quite a bit of practice. Once your room is nice and tidy and you’ve recuperated, it’s time to open the page where you will be writing.

Step 4: Redo Your Profile Information

Before (Yuck!)
After (Slightly better!)

Upon seeing your old picture and description you might think to yourself “wow, that is a horrible picture of me” or “jeez, I could really format that description differently”. That is what this step is all about, fixing up your profile. How can you write a blog post without first being happy with your profile? Go outside and take a few selfies and think about what you want your description to be. This step is vital to writing a good blog post so it is important to take your time.

Step 4: Go Get a Bite to Eat

Some Boozel-to-Go to Help Facilitate the Writing Process.

After all that cleaning and break-taking, blog-opening, and profile-updating you will definitely feel famished, and no one can write a blog post while famished. You can choose to either cook or purchase food from somewhere, both will work just fine! Everyone is always talking about brain food, so this step is all about feeding your brain the fuel it needs to churn out a respectable post.

Step 5: Make a Draft

(Ignore that other one with 5 words in it…)

One way to make sure you don’t miss anything when you are writing is to create a draft. No matter what kind of work you are attempting to produce, it is always a good idea to draft it out before you go smashing the Post button. A draft does not have to be perfect. In fact, it should be pretty horrible. The point of a draft is not to impress anyone, it is to eliminate the blanks. Once you have something to work with, it becomes much easier to be productive and to make constructive edits and additions to what you have already made.

Step 6: Wait a Few Days and Then Make Edits

Good Edits Always Sneak in on a Wednesday

It’s always a good idea to go back and make sure the things you wrote are still accurate after waiting so long to work on them again. If you come back to a draft and realize that things have gone horribly wrong, it is a perfect time to fix them!

Step 7: Decide You Are Ready To Post

After tirelessly working and procrastinating for almost two weeks you decide that your debilitating need for perfectionism can not win any longer so you submit your post! Even if you aren’t completely satisfied with it you manage to tell yourself that next time you’ll do “more work” or put in “more effort”. It sure beats waiting another week to post a single blog entry.

Step 8: Celebrate, Rinse, and Repeat

Now that you’ve finished your blog post you can rejoice and celebrate! That is until the next one comes around. Don’t worry, simply repeat the steps in this guide for each new post and things should go fine.

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