Please Go Rogue, Brian Williams

Today, NBC Nightly News Anchor and obvious Dapper Dan man Brian Williams was suspended from his post on the top-rated news show in the US. Brian Williams’s six-month suspension comes on the heels of an unfortunate and entirely overblown news story wherein some years ago Brian Williams stared down the barrel of a field of Iraqi bazookas and was damn near put on the ground behind enemy lines. The story goes on to let us know that the whole story was, at least to some degree, a fabrication. Now, it’s fair to say that many of us have our big fish stories and our times prone to hyperbole. There are misrememberances and questionable calls about who was where in our memories. It’s fair, also, to say that if Brian Williams really did go through what he seems to be apologizing for not entirely going through, he and everyone else would have remembered it in basically the same way. But, it’s clear now (even by his own admission), that Williams’s story about his helicopter being shot at was not entirely a fair representation of what happened.

I’m not trying to shit all over Brian Williams— BDub? Big Willie Style? BrIan Will.I.Ams. Trust me. The internet has that one covered.

He’s always been one of my favorite people on TV. I can’t help it. When he’s on any TV Talk show, the man is gold. Every time.

Daily Show.





(Whatever else.)

Look up these clips of Brian Williams, and you’ll find some amazing moments.

Further more, let’s have a look at these numbers. B-Weezie has been at the top of the ratings game since Day 1. He’s the fuckin’ King. They even gave him more news to do when the late night stuff was happening! Check out this burn of Donald Trump! The most trusted name in News! It’s Brian Williams!

Which is why the whole thing is problematic. I get it.

But he’s really good at being Brian Williams.

Here’s what I want:

The Brian Williams Network: BWN

Pretty much, it’s just Brian Williams going around and reporting on crazy shit. Just doing the news cast, but he gets to drink and curse and raise all kinds of hell.

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