To the guy complaining about all the articles we’re all sharing about the disasterous AHCA bill that passed the house yesterday

Whoa, my bad. I definitely messed up, totally my fault.

See, in my rage over the house passing that colonic of a bill yesterday, I posted a barrage of articles, links, and status updates on my facebook page because I was in my shitty duplex apartment taking a break from grading exams and papers for my job. I have been fairly silent on facebook lately, but this felt like something I wanted to say something about. So… I did.

Then here’s this dude:

For the love of life, someone please post something positive and meaningful for once on Facebook.
I get it… North Korea sucks, Trump sucks, American Airlines sucks, United sucks, the GOP sucks, Colbert sucks, CNN sucks, Libtards suck, Russia sucks…
But my god, flailing about in a pool of sadness, remorse, anger, and distrust isn’t healthy. You’re not going to fix anything by flailing, but you are going to degrade your health and the health of all the “friends” you care about enough to connect with on Facebook by always focusing on the negative around you and throughout the world.
If you want to make a REAL difference, fact check the damned article before reposting it, donate to organizations that align with your goals, vote in the booth and with your wallet, and I don’t know — get off your ass and volunteer real world effort to make the world a better place.
But flailing? That doesn’t accomplish much. It just ruins your day and everyone who bumps into the virtual you. I’m one of those people who occasionally bumps into you, and I’m tired of the constant negativity. In real life, one walks on the other side of the street to avoid riled up people emphatically proclaiming the end of the world… I guess I’ll have to start doing that in the virtual world, too.

Let’s call him Boner.

Boner and I agree on a lot of issues. We’re classic facebook friends — acquaintances in high school, similar interests and ideals, not worth it to de-friend. I like Boner a lot, actually. Was really glad when he got married to his boyfriend, and am very happy that he’s generally been successful.

How do I know all this about him? HE POSTS 403 TIMES A FUCKING DAY ON FACEBOOK.

But now we’re pissed off about this, and we get to read about how meh whiney whiny oh shut the fuck up Boner.

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