Is the Media on Trump’s side?

There has been a lot of controversy from Trump’s inauguration that was held on January 20th of 2017. From his crowd size to his speech, to even his presentation, Trump has received a lot of negative feedback, especially from the media. As Trump pointed out, the media can portray news in the wrong way so that viewers/readers can perceive events differently. Being on social media himself, Trump uses his many followers to his advantage as he calls out the media on their stunts. Is the media out to get Trump or are they just calling events how they see them?

The media has pointed out the various flaws and compared Trump’s inaugural address to past President’s thus including : Trump’s speech length (estimated at about 17 minutes, the shortest in history), his basic language (no intellectual terms), crowd size ( he claimed there were close to a million people as media portrayed it to be smaller), and Trump’s presentation ( mainly his emotions and reactions toward his surroundings). After receiving notice of these so called “flaws” from his inauguration, Trump took offense to this as he mainly defended his crowd size. Out of all of these flaws, he chose crowd size? Probably because that was the one thing he couldn’t personally change.

Now I understand at this point why Trump might be angry with media officials for providing news to the people that may be false or make him look bad, but Trump is now one of the most well known people in America mainly because he is the President of THE United States, he should expect this. Trump should also not take the time to use his own personal media (famously twitter) to put down other media stars or public officials for news they are ordered to cover. So in my opinion, yes it does seem as if the media is using Trump as a main headliner for negative news but maybe if Trump would quit using his own personal media to take down other media personals, then the media wouldn’t be all over him.

Personal Note to Trump: 1.)People want juicy details and something that isn’t comparable to previous things, give them a break, they are just doing their job. Don’t take it to heart, it is pretty obvious you’re a confident man as is. 2.)Crowd size doesn’t matter in the end if you turn out to be the best President America has ever had, but you might want to pick up a dictionary to learn a few intellectual words to use while communicating, your twitter talk is unbearable. 3.) You might want to look a little bit delighted to earn the top spot as President.