This is not okay or normal. During the campaign, when Candidate Trump floated a ban on Muslims entering the United States, the other candidates and major Republican leaders all denounced it. Sure, people will claim this is not a ban on Muslims because it is “just certain countries” (which just happen to have majority Muslim populations). However, if you read the text of the executive order (, it calls out the 9/11 attacks and bans immigration from selected countries around the Middle East — without apparent rhyme or reason — omitting the countries of origin for the 9/11 attackers. They can call it what they want, but I’m calling a spade a spade. This is a Muslim ban — and it is unconscionable.

Where is the outrage now, GOP? Where it is GOP-controlled Congress responding? There is absolutely no indication that a President Jeb Bush, President Marco Rubio, or President Ted Cruz would have done this. This is not partisan, it is unacceptable. We are a country of immigrants and refugees. Our country exists because people fled their homes due to religious persecution, political persecution, and a desire for a better future for themselves and their families. Amongst our nation’s greatest shames is turning away a boat of Jewish refugees in the late 1930's (for frighteningly similar reasons in an era where “America First” was also being thrown around as a popular political phrase).

This is appalling and I will not stand idly by or silent while it happens. I am confident that my US Congressman and both of my US Senators agree with me — but they are all Democrats and are in the minority in Congress. I could call others who do not agree with me until I’m blue in the face, but I know that will have little impact. Elected officials tend to listen only to their own constituents. If you live in a GOP congressional district or in a state with one or more Republican Senators, please call their offices ( and tell them how unacceptable President Trump’s executive order regarding refugees is and that you expect them to take action to reverse this.

Thank you.