Wargaming Needs New Recruits to Save Lives
Mark Wallace

This is a very interesting article. I have been involved in the hobby of wargaming since the 6th grade. (I’m quite a bit older than that now.) I have also authored ove a dozen sets of rules for miniatures gaming over the years. I feel that my wargaming as a kid made me better preprared to be a planner and operations officer in the Army. I learned some lessons on paper that I didn’t need to learn in the field. I was later lucky enough to build a major combat simulation system for the Army, able to apply both my professional computer science skills and wargaming background. In the Military today we tend to look for the highest tech solution to many problems. I think wargames with hexagon boards and dice still have a role, but they are largely overlooked within the DoD today. My group has run a number of wargmes with miniatures as professional development for an Army battalion that have been effective and fun for the participants.

Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it. I’d also be interested in helping the folks mentioned improve the current crop of wargaming and help impart years of experience and lessons to the “new crop” of wargamers mentioned in this article.

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