Peets Girl

I prayed As soon as i woke up today. I asked God make me stronger. I asked him to help me overcome any and every obstacle that came my way. I asked him to make the path ahead of me straight and distraction free. I said thanks for listening and walked out of the bathroom. It’s become routine. I wake up, say a prayer, then start my day and today was no different. Everything was calm until about three hours later when i decided to head downstairs for coffee. (If you’re looking for context, i prayed around 5am and i was at work before i decided to head down for coffee) I walked in to peets Coffee the same way i would usually do. I probably even forgot to Good-morning but that’s not the point. Walked in, may or may not have said good-morning and looked at the menu wondering what to order. I made my way to the register as soon as i was ready and placed my order. The Cashier’s name-tag looked differently today. She had on her co-workers’ name tag so i made a comment on it and why they had switched name tags. I can’t remember exactly what her answer was but it really isn’t important to the story. Anyway i placed my order and moved to the pickup side to wait for it. That’s really where the story begins.

I’m not really sure how to begin this next part but it really focuses on what she was wearing. I was drawn to her body. She had on the most see-thru leggings. It wasn’t the regular black see through most girl wear..It was made from something appropriate for the winter time. Not only could i see her underwear, but i also could see her beautiful pick butt. She is short and thick and had thighs that vibrated with every step, making the physical attraction stronger and her body more desirable. She was wearing Cyan Lace thong. The thong hugged her waistline and stopped just inches from her butt-line which left a lot of room to her ass to jiggle and hang free. She was good looking, short and plump and i wanted her. The coffee i was drinking didn’t make it any easier. The attraction intensified with every sip of caffeine my body took. Was this God’s way of saying he heard me and this is a test i needed to overcome? We’ll continue tomorrow…

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