For starters, I think it is terrible that “51 percent of students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade are living in poverty”. I feel like no one, especially children should have to live in poverty. If you think about it that means 1 out of every 2 students are living in poverty, that blows my mind. Another thing that article addresses is that the students living in poverty are, “less likely to have support at home, are less frequently exposed to enriching activities outside of school, and are more likely to drop out and never attend college.” That is horrible. Those students basically have no motive to be in school. Some of them find that it is better to just quit school than to graduate, that the 51 percent of students. Me, as a student, never even considered dropping out of high school. I always had my eye set on going to college and getting a good job. My parents were also always there to support me on my path through life. I do not know if I could have made it this far if I did not have a support system at home.

I also found the Sonya Romero-Smith’s story interesting. The first thing Sonya would do every morning was, “…the first thing I do is an inventory of immediate needs: Did you eat? Are you clean? A big part of my job is making them feel safe.” 14 out of her 18 kindergartners are eligible for free lunch. That is almost 78 percent of her students. Sonya also helps them clean up with bathroom wipes and toothbrushes, and she stocks a drawer with clean socks, underwear, pants and shoes. This means Sonya spends her own money on these students, because I am sure the school or city won’t pay for it. Sonya does not need to do this, she does this because she cares about these students and wants to make sure they accomplish great things in life.

Information from Majority of U.S. Public School Students Are In Poverty by Lyndsey Layton, January 16, 2015

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