Late post — March 27.

Oh well..

I have a lot of good memories from last night.

I’m learning that I really can be with someone else at that level.

Means that she is not the one, never was. “The One” term is just another Hollywood scam that we all fall for at least once -or several times- depends on how much you want to believe it.

I think I’m getting stronger, I feel it. This is a new me, is a whole new thing that I’m learning.

Me, and my head high, and my tears dry. Get on with my guy. Back to black — Amy Winehouse.

I’m not bitter anymore, I’m letting go. I’m finally doing it for myself.

There’s this thing -I know- I’m hoping for the best. These secrets I keep, are eating me inside every time I remember this condition.

I didn’t want to prove anything last night, I wanted to let myself go, that was one of some urges I had. I wanted to live life at its fullest for at least this time. After all, I deserved it.

Just as I’m letting myself go, I have to let go of everything. I can’t deal with attachments, if I keep doing the same, I will not see any difference.

You do not know anything about me, but I should tell you that I am grateful for last night. I finally learned that the concept of “The One” does not exist. That is just a catchy phrase for love songs and movies. Real life is not about that, now I know for sure.

Things are going fast, I know that I want you. Already told you that I like you. There’s nothing more to say.

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