Personal Positivity Week 4: I Am at Peace With the Every Day Chaos of Life

Every day seems to feel the same way. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Go to bed then wake up and do it all over again. In some cases, it’s a job you hate with co-workers you can’t stand. We stress ourselves out trying to find a balance between work, having a social life, and trying to not let our health go to complete shit. And even when we finally find time to go out, we contemplate a good excuse to get out of it cuz “we’re soo exhausted”.

Adulting is hard. Not that I thought it was going to be a breeze, but nobody told me that being exhausted automatically came with “what I wanted to be when I grew up.” I’m finding that, in the chaos of every day life, it’s important to appreciate the little things. For example, as a kid, having a day with nothing planned would be at the top of the “worst things ever” list. Not anymore! Having a day off with nowhere to go is an amazingly rare thing one comes to appreciate. Even if that day is spent cleaning the apartment, it still feels so much more relaxed knowing I don’t have to change out of my pjs, walk a block over to get my car and then interact with the public. I’m free to stay home and take endless pictures of my cat while she naps.

Even though things become more difficult the older I get, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a greater appreciation for those small things, such as finding out that my favorite cereal is on sale or perfectly parallel parking on the first try (doesn’t happen often, but I feel like an absolute boss when it does). Any day when I don’t have a strict schedule to keep is a win. I enjoy the small conversations I have with my cat when she feels chatty, and being able to actually enjoy the outdoors in perfect weather. And I can’t even begin to express that feeling of satisfaction when there are ZERO dishes in the sink. It’s in moments like these where I find sparks of joy in an otherwise mundane life full of work, going to the gym and food-prepping.

Life is never going to be as amazing and exciting as you plan it to be (I’m learning this more and more). But I’m okay with that, because happiness in life isn’t about the exotic trips you take or fancy cars you have or big house you own— not for me anyway. It’s in cherishing the small things. I’m still going to have to drag my butt to work 5 days a week, deal with the drama and annoying co-workers. Things will probably get harder and I’ll probably stress myself out so much that I’ll want to rip my hair out. I’ll admit that right now. But I won’t ever stop appreciating those small moments of silence, sunshine, and serenity. Because it’s in those small things that I find each day to be special in their own way.