Man Explains Graphic Design to Four-Year-Olds and They Get It

“Explaining graphic design to 4-year-olds” is a piece written by Dean Vipond, a father and graphic designer whose passion for each shines through.

The article witty, insightful and shows how the most basic of design principles are present in human nature: When we see blue, we think cold; When we see red, we think warm.

The article develops gracefully, going in chronological order from when he got asked to speak to each activity he did with the class to a week after when they sent him a gift.

Vipond states, “Design is about making something easy to use, or easy to understand.”

It took him talking to a group of four-year-olds to come to this conclusion. I agree that this is the true use of design. Through color, size, shape, proximity and all other aspects of design we, as designers, make things easier.

We design handles with extra ridges for better grip, chairs with adjustable backs and packaging with easy open tabs.

How do you recognize a minty gum package? A blue label to symbolize cold. When you see a blue gum package you know what to expect, it’s easier than reading the label for the flavor. You definitely know it’s not spearmint, which would be green, or cinnamon, which would be red.

This article gives great insight in how to explain design to non-designers, such as when pitching ideas for clients. They may not understand why you need every little detail but they know basics such as how larger letters are usually seen as more important. These first steps of explaining what you do can lead to better pitches and better jobs.