Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

For me personally in the 2D and 3D Graphics world the Macbook Pro is a letdown. Last years processor still only 16GB of memory and now the SSD soldered to the motherboard, what genius though that was a good idea.

I agree with your statement the Macbook is not Pro, so if its not Pro then whats the point of it. If you just want to surf, email, FB, watch videos or listen to music buy the Macbook.

I really was looking forward to Macbook Pro update and to be honest if Touchbar is all that we have been waiting for then im and i think many Pro users feel sorely let down.

Whats the point of something being thinner and lighter, which by the way its not anyway, there are thinner and lighter PC’s, if it cant live up to its name.