Open Letter to Justin Keller, from Edna, one of your servants in San Francisco
Edna Miroslava Raia

What has done for the community? What has Justin Keller done for the community? It seems that Justin Keller is another one of those A**hole entrepreneurs that is responsible for the outrageous rents and low housing availability. Their attitude is take, take, take. Then complain about those who are the victims of their greediness.

I personally will not use his product and I urge anyone to consider doing business with a company whose CEO has such a myopic point of view towards people who have fallen on hard times, a product of our current free market philosophy. People who help to create a problem and then complain about it are not the type of people we should support.

Justin Keller, show some social responsibility! Do something helpful instead of being another whiny lucky rich person from the valley.